Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Slip into the comforting environment of one of our warm and relaxing massage rooms. Soothing music and soft lighting set the stage as worries of the day drift away.


  • [ 1 1/2 Hours] (80 minutes hands-on): $110.00
  • [1 Hour] (50 minutes hands-on): $75.00
  • [1/2 Hour] (25 minutes hands-on):  $45.00

A therapeutic massage that helps reduce stress, tension, improves circulation and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Personalized to meet your individual needs.

Hot Stone Massage

  • [1 1/4 Hours] (65 minutes hands-on): $110.00

The penetrating heat of the warm river stones in conjunction with therapeutic massage relieves tension, stress, tight muscles and encourages deep relaxation.

Ashiatsu BareFoot Bar Therapy

  • [1 1/2 Hours] (80 minutes hands-on): $120.00
  • [1 1/4 Hours] (65 minutes hands-On): $100.00

Utilizing parallel bars overhead for balance and leverage, your massage therapist uses body weight to apply pressure directed through soft, clean feet. Smooth, flowing and gliding techniques provide an intensely deep and amazingly relaxing therapeutic massage like no other. Perfect for the person who may suffer from chronic back pain, sciatica, tight hamstrings or anyone who enjoys deep pressure and deep relaxation.

Rejuvenation Massage

  • [1 1/4 Hours] (65 minutes hands-on): $95.00

A refreshing massage using a customized blend of essential oils and an exfoliating sugar scrub for the back.  Top it off with a soothing hot towel massage for the feet.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • [1 1/2 Hours] (80 minutes hands-on): $135.00
  • [1 Hour] (50 minutes hands-on): $95.00
  • [1/2 Hour] (25 minutes hands-on): $60.00

Using techniques designed to penetrate more deeply into the body’s tissues, this therapeutic massage encourages the body to release long held patterns of pain and tension, increase joint movement and enhance circulation. Your massage therapist will adjust the pressure appropriately to accommodate your comfort level.

Pregnancy Massage

  • [1 Hour] (50 minutes hands-on): $80.00

May relieve the physical and emotional discomfort that pregnancy brings, such as backache, leg cramps, fatigue, insomnia and headache. This soothing and relaxing massage is performed in either the “sideline” position or on a specially designed pregnancy pillow.  Physician release required during first trimester.

Sea Glow Massage

  • [1 1/2 Hours] (70 minutes hands-on): $140.00

A relaxing, therapeutic, full body massage followed by our full body scrub consisting of a combination of sea salts and essential oils. Gentle exfoliation will reveal healthy, glowing skin that looks and feels amazing.  Finish with a shower and a hydrating lotion in our private facilities.

Reflexology Massage

  • [3/4 Hour] (40 minutes hands-on): $65.00

Based on the belief that certain zones in the feet govern specific parts of the body. Working these reflex points relieves stress and improves the function of all the systems of the body.  Customized to fit your needs using pressure, stretching and movement to the feet.

Customizing Complexes

Customizing Complexes are made with 100% pure essential oils and can be added to any body treatment or massage.

Additional: $10.00

Uplifting: Invigorates, revitalizes and energizes body and mind.  Provides anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and mood elevating action.

Firming: Targets uneven skin, reduces swelling, help eliminate toxins.  Increases energy and nourishes skin.

Relaxing: Mildly relaxes the body, gently stimulates circulation, cleanses and tones.  Nourishes and repairs skin.

Detoxifying: Cleanse skin and body with this healing blend that helps stimulate circulation, release impurities, support the immune system, fight inflammation and ease muscle pain.

Side-by-Side Massage (for two or three)

Couple, friends or family members all benefit from the therapeutic results of massage while experiencing relaxation and rejuvenation together, side-by-side in the same treatment room. Perfect for a special occasion.

Join the Massage Club

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