Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Slip into the comforting environment of one of our warm and relaxing massage rooms. Soothing music and soft lighting set the stage as worries of the day drift away.


  • [ 1 1/2 Hours] (80 minutes hands-on): $110.00
  • [1 Hour] (50 minutes hands-on): $75.00
  • [1/2 Hour] (25 minutes hands-on):  $45.00

A therapeutic massage that helps reduce stress, tension, improves circulation and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Personalized to meet your individual needs.

Hot Stone Massage

  • [1 1/4 Hours] (65 minutes hands-on): $110.00

The penetrating heat of the warm river stones in conjunction with therapeutic massage relieves tension, stress, tight muscles and encourages deep relaxation.

Ashiatsu BareFoot Bar Therapy

  • [1 1/2 Hours] (80 minutes hands-on): $120.00
  • [1 1/4 Hours] (65 minutes hands-On): $100.00

Utilizing parallel bars overhead for balance and leverage, your massage therapist uses body weight to apply pressure directed through soft, clean feet. Smooth, flowing and gliding techniques provide an intensely deep and amazingly relaxing therapeutic massage like no other. Perfect for the person who may suffer from chronic back pain, sciatica, tight hamstrings or anyone who enjoys deep pressure and deep relaxation.

Rejuvenation Massage

  • [1 1/4 Hours] (65 minutes hands-on): $95.00

A refreshing massage using a customized blend of essential oils and an exfoliating sugar scrub for the back.  Top it off with a soothing hot towel massage for the feet.

Deep Tissue Massage