Hair Color

We realize that your hair is a reflection of you. Our stylists want your hair to enhance your own special sense of self. Our experienced staff will put their skills and talents to work fulfilling your needs and preferences. Relax… let us take care of you.

We can bring out the true you with colour. Our educated stylists have an eye for the perfect colour that will add vibrancy to your hair. We can give you colour to cover, colour that’s subtle, or colour that makes a bold statement. Together we can make the right statement for you and your

Highlight Foils: $69.00 and up

A little or a lot can truly add vibrancy to your hair.

Semi-Permanent Color (Shades): $48.00 and up

Adds richness and shine to your hair.

INOA Color: $58.00 and up

No odor, no ammonia permanent color to darken/lighten hair or to cover white/gray.

Partial Highlight: $52.00 and up

Single Process Color: $48.00 and up

Just enough color to enhance your beauty.

Cover Fusion: $48.00 and up

100% gray coverage haircolor with natural, modern reflects.  Low ammonia, low odor haircolor that covers gray and revitalizes hair.