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Balayage Pic

Balayage PicLike most of our recent clients, you might be wondering the exact same thing…”What’s with the saran wrap on her head over there?”:)  Well…Balayage is making its comeback ladies and let me tell you why.

All across the fashion world, from celebrities on the red carpet to runways, we are seeing soft, natural, and beautiful hair.  Balayage, the french word for: to sweep or paint, can give you just that….a soft hand-painted look.  Many Stylists around Grand Rapids and around the globe have stopped their 3,000 foil marathons and switched to Balayage.  We at Design 1 Salon Spa decided if this is something we were going to transition ourselves and our clients to, we wanted the very best.  Our search lead us to Candy Shaw whose nicknames “the Balaylama”.

Candy Shaw has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years.  She describes Balayage as “the little black dress’.  It isn’t going away any time soon!  It’s a revolution in the hair industry.  Candy Shaw along with her very very own, amazing Balayage hair lightener, called Sunlights, had all the answers to the “why’s” of Balayage that we had been searching for.  It gives each Stylist the artistic ability to create something customized for each client.  It is also more gentle on the hair because of its clay based formula that sits on top of the hair, not actually penetrating through.  It can lift rapidly while leaving your hair smooth, silky, and conditioned.  One of our very own Stylists at Design 1 South had the privilege of going and training with “the Balaylama” herself, becoming an educator for Sunlights.  Since then, each of the Design 1 locations have had hands on, true original French Balayage, training.

As Stylists, we have been loving the free reign we have to create a signature look for each of our clients.  The possibilities to your next color are endless!  So…if you are ready to get your very own “Victoria’s Secret Model”, sunkissed hair today, please visit one of our Stylists at one of our four locations.  You will fall in love with this customized technique just for you, just as much as we have!

~Ashley S, Stylist at Design 1 South

Design 1 Salon Spa offers Lash Extensions at all locations.

Cara G - Lash Extensions 3

Full Set: $250.00
Full Set Fill (3 week): $50.00
Full Set Fill (4 week): $75.00
Full Set Fill*: $200.00
*original full set must have been done within 4-6 weeks prior to receive this price.

The service length time will vary at each location.  Please call with any questions or concerns.
Lash Extensions open the eye with a natural look. Great for summer without having to apply mascara. Our lash products have been chosen by your Design 1 Salon Spa lash extensionist to give you the best possible final look.

5 helpful tips in keeping beautiful lash extensions:Cara g - Lash Extensions 5
1. Sleep with care
2. Avoid touching lashes
3. Book regular fills weeks
4. Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 hours. No oil based eye makeup remover or waterproof mascara.
5. Arrive to your appointment with clean lashes

Products available for purchase:
Aura lash excellence mascara = $22 (black non waterproof)
Aura super makeup remover = $22

Check out a short instructional video on our YouTube page!

~Cara G, Esthetician at Design 1 Cascade

Chromatics 1

Have you thought about coloring your hair but worried about damage? Do you have color now and wish your hair felt healthier? Our new Redken Chromatics line is exactly what you have been wanting!

Redken Chromatics is an ammonia free color which means no harsh chemicals. It is created with oil and protein extracts that surround the hairs cuticle. This creates hair that is 2 times smoother and healthier than uncolored hair! It also adds incredible depth and shine to your color.

Thinking about switching from our regular color to Redken Chromatics?  No worries!  Your stylist can easily make the switch and give you healthier hair!

~Jane W, Stylist at Design 1 Plainfield

Chromatics 4Chromatics 6

Check out our latest video from Anna May at Design 1 South!

Woman getting a face massage - Hands massaging

Spring Break is here and Summer is coming! Finally after this long cold winter; this is the time of year to try out hair removal services. Over my eight years of working at Design 1 Salon Spa, I’ve realized women have a lot of questions when it comes to Waxing or Sugaring. I’d like to answer those questions so there is less hesitation and fear. This is something everyone should be excited about trying!

How long do I need to grow my hair out before my hair removal appointment?
One of the biggest issues most women have about getting waxed or sugared is the pre-growing stage. There needs to be hair to be able to wax it. In the beginning, this is an unfortunate inconvenience when we are all used to shaving. However, as you get in a routine and are waxing regularly, this gets much easier. Waxing/Sugaring actually damages your hair follicle and makes it harder for the hair to grow back over time. The hair comes in thinner and softer. The prickly stage that we get with shaving is non-existent. The hair will grow back slower and in different stages so it is much softer when it grows back. Usually, if you have never been waxed before or if you’ve been consistently shaving, I suggest growing for a solid 2 weeks before getting waxed. Even if you think you are an extra hairy person, we still need the length. If the hair isn’t long enough, you will be more prone to breakage causing ingrown hairs and no one wants that! Once you’ve been waxed, you can be getting this done about once a month without ever needing to shave in between appointments.

Will my hair grow back thicker?
I’ve had a lot of women ask if more hair will grow back once they start. This is definitely not the case. Waxing makes it harder for your hair to grow back, meaning less maintenance and better results than with shaving. Also, your hair growth and thickness is already set at birth. It’s genetic. The only thing that alters our hair growth throughout our life are hormones. But I can promise that waxing will not make your hair stronger, darker or thicker.

Waxing vs. Sugaring?
There’s always a debate about whether one is better than the other when it comes to wax vs. sugar. Honestly, it comes down to being a personal preference. There are many positive benefits to both services. Waxing is FAST! If you are the type of person that wants to be in and out, wax is for you. It also does a really nice job of getting the more stubborn hairs. If the hair is on the coarse side, wax is more likely to get it on the first try. Wax is also what I prefer for larger areas such as legs and backs. These are the more non sensitive skin areas and they respond very well to wax. Now Sugar is great for people with really sensitive skin. If you redden easily, or have had bad reactions to waxing in the past, sugar is a great possibility for you. Sugar can’t adhere to live skin cells so there is usually a lot less sensitivity afterwards, where as wax can leave you feeling a little tender afterwards. With Sugar you also have less possibility with ingrown hairs because sugar pulls the hair out in the same direction of hair growth, rather than opposite (like wax does) leaving you with less breakage under the surface. Sugar is great for more sensitive areas like underarms or bikini/brazilian. Also, if you are on any type of acne medication, sugar is a safer bet. Waxing is still great for these more sensitive areas.  The best option, if you don’t know what would be best for your skin, is to consult with an Esthetician in person and they can help you pick what would be best for you.

How often should I schedule my hair removal services?
I always highly suggest to keep up with your hair removal services about once a month. This will help to continue damaging the hair, over time making a noticeable difference and getting the most optimal results. When keeping up with your services, they also become less painful.

Is it painful?
I think pain is actually one of the biggest concerns I deal with on a daily basis. And I’m not gonna tell you it doesn’t hurt, because it does. But we’ve all experienced worse things. Almost every first time Brazilian client I do says “that wasn’t near as bad as I anticipated”. Most of the time your nerves just get the best of you. I have not had one woman in all the years I’ve been waxing give up half finished. It only hurts while its being done and then its over and you’re hairless! I am not a fan of pain myself and I still get waxed. The pros definitely outway the little bit of pain you have to get through to get there.

Is there anything I need to do after my hair removal service?
After care is very important. There isn’t a lot to it, but it can really help you get the results you want. Exfoliating is the most important. I usually suggest using exfoliating gloves in the shower 2-3 times a week. This helps break down dead skin so that the hair can pop through the surface properly preventing ingrown hairs. And with these, I usually suggest using your body wash you already use. No need to purchase an expensive scrub that has added fragrance and sugars that aren’t great to use in most areas. The gloves last much longer and can be washed in your washing machine. This also helps prep for your next hair removal service. If you have hair stuck under the surface because there was no exfoliation, the wax won’t be able to pick up the hair, leaving unwanted hairs behind. Also, we have a couple options for aftercare creams. These are something you would use everyday when getting out of the shower to help kill bacteria, soothe the skin and help prevent ingrown hairs. Avoiding tanning the week of waxing is also very important. Tanning before a service can make your skin more prone to lifting which can result in scarring or a lot more sensitivity afterwards. And tanning after, you’ll be more likely to burn. But that’s it! You shouldn’t have to do any other kind of maintenance before your next service.

I always say that it’s good to plan ahead. If you know you have an event coming up where you need to be waxed such as a vacation, wedding, or just beach days, consult with your Esthetician so they can help you plan weeks out to make sure you’ll have the hair needed. You can always bump your appointments up a week or out an extra week if need be for an event. I just always suggest to stick around the 4 weeks.

I hope that if you had concerns….you no longer do! We all look forward to seeing you for the upcoming Spring & Summer months!

~Sarah L, Esthetician at Design 1 Grandville

Beth Ann D - Pic 1

So peeps….April showers bring May flowers but for us naturally curly haired people, can you say frizz season!!!  To help combat that frizzy hair, my favorite product is Prive Relaxing Gel.  Use about a dime to a quarter size of the Relaxing Gel depending on the density of your hair.  Emulsify in your hands and apply to damp hair and blow dry the style in. This product has an anti-humectant in it to help battle the frizz factor. My favorite hair product cocktail crack combination though is the Relaxing Gel mixed with Prive Shining Weightless Amplifier for that full bodied, smooth style, blown out with a boar bristle brush.  The Relaxing Gel by Prive is weightless, non-greasy, not heavy  and not crunchy.   Enjoy peeps!  This is going to be your new best friend for spring frizz and summer humidity :)

~Beth Ann D, Stylist at Design 1 Plainfield

Beth Ann D - Pic 1

Michelle J - Dermaplaning 4

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective way to exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis and remove all of the vellus hair off of the face. It’s a wonderful way to get fresh new skin within a 45 minute to hour long treatment. Feel rejuvenated and fresh after receiving this unique service. After Dermaplaning, there is no barrier left of old dead skin cells and all hair is scraped off the face leaving your skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft.

BEFORE DERMAPLANING:Michelle J - Dermaplaning 1

While getting the instant gratification of beautiful looking and feeling skin, there is also a preventative care bonus to this service. Our cell turnover rate slows down as we start the aging process. Cell turnover is what happens when our skin produces new skin cells which travel from the lowest layer of the epidermis to the top layer and then shed off the skin. This is what keeps dead cells from building up on the skin’s surface. However, the top layer of skin starts to appear dull and ages quicker without the act of exfoliating. Dermaplaning eventually can help with the look of fine lines, age spots/sunspots and will also help skincare products penetrate to a deeper level because that barrier of old, dull skin is now removed. While we take care of our skin in our 20’s and 30’s it will help us look a younger age in our 40’s and 50’s (and so on) as long as we exfoliate, hydrate and protect our skin.

DURING DERMAPLANING SERVICE:Michelle J - Dermaplaning 2Michelle J - Dermaplaning 3


Men and women who shouldn’t engage in Dermaplaning are those with very mature skin or acne prone skin that may not be able to handle the scraping. Or those who have very oily skin that need their vellus hair so the oil can travel down the hair and away from the pore.

AFTER DERMAPLANING:Michelle J - Dermaplaning 4

There is little to no downtime after receiving this service. Only slight redness and possibly a feeling similar to being windburned may occur.

~Michelle J, Esthetician/Massage Therapist at Design 1 Grandville

Lisa Z - PhotoGrid_1422376670735

Hair trends follow fashion trends.  So with this in mind, I took a trip to the mall to see where the inspiration for the next season is coming from.  I discovered some similar themes at each store I browsed and was able to bring the inspiration back to the salon.  Here are 3 current styles I brought back behind the chair in these side by side looks.

Lisa Z - PhotoGrid_1422376670735The first shop displayed this loose fit top with a short to long graduation on the hem of the shirt, bringing attention to the detailed buttons on the top of the jeans.  The bright contrasted stilettos completes the outfit.  You can see the same idea brought into this graduated bob with a pop of purple to highlight the eyes.  This hairstyle and outfit are a match made in pop culture.

Lisa Z - PhotoGrid_1422377272726Welcome back to the 70’s with this floral inspired t-shirt which is loosely tucked into a pair of skinny jeans covered by a long accented sweater disconnecting the hem lines.  Much like the floral shirt, this fresh flowered headband not only breaks up the flow in the curls but also is a great accent.  Pretty groovy!

Lisa Z - PhotoGrid_1422377667357The solid colors – grey & coral – in this dress represent the beige and brown colors in my model’s hair.  The pleats in the skirt bring movement and bounce which is replicated in the hairs curl pattern.  The colors in the belt add a unique amount of detail making both styles its very own.  Count me in for this seasons color.

So if you are looking to be dressed from hair to toe with the latest trends, remember you can’t go wrong this season with curls, flowers and color!

~Lisa Z, Stylist at Design 1 South


It never fails… at least once a day I’m asked by a client how I get my hair to look like this…


Like most of you reading this, I have naturally wavy hair. You know the kind: somewhere in between sleek, gorgeous straight hair and full luscious ringlets. [Yeah, the kind that if you aren’t careful just gets frizzy and unmanageable…]


Today I’m going to show you my Step-by-Step Routine to create Hollywood Inspired Waves for Long Hair — and it only requires 3-after-shower styling products!

Let’s get started!


Step 1:

Shampoo & condition with professional hair care [I choose to use Pureology Nano Works… my favorite]


Step 2:

Spray a leave-in conditioner (wavy and curly hair is a drier texture of hair and therefore can handle more product – so spray generously) I choose to use Pureology Color Fanatic because it contains heat protection, keeps the longevity of color, and reduces frizz & static. This is great for every hair type!



Step 3:

Generously spray Privé Root Amplifier to your root area as well as throughout hair which helps create added texture.


Step 4:

Apply Redken Ringlet: more than you would think necessary. This product is so popular because it REALLY works for wavy and curly hair!

*I typically split my hair in half and apply one side root to end and scrunching up as I go and repeat on opposite side*


Step 5:

Let your hair air dry. I consider this to be one of the most important steps! LEAVE IT ALONE – let the products do their magic.

* I do all of the previous steps immediately following my shower. Now, while it’s air drying, I do my makeup, eat breakfast, pack my lunch and any other things I need to do for the morning! (We all really do have this extra 20 or 30 minutes of air dry time that you don’t even realize because you’d be blow drying and heat styling your hair almost that long anyway.)



Step 6:

Somewhere between 20-30 minutes later… just before I decide it’s time to get dressed, I turn the hair dryer on (IMPORTANT: WITH the nozzle)! A quick finish dry just to get 100% dry.

*Despite what most people think, it is okay to dry curly/wavy hair all the way).


Step 7:

You have the option to STOP at this point if you are looking for a fun, carefree, beachy wave look. However, if you want a little fancier, finished look, use the curl wand which makes it so easy… I love the Paul Mitchell Neuro Wand! Just grab random pieces, focusing more around your face, and then run finger through to break it up.



Step 8:

Spritz with a light hairspray or texture spray… I adore Moroccan Oil Hairspray for everyday (perk: it smells like a perfume too) or Privé Finishing Texture Spray if you want more hold.



Now you are ready to take on the day with hair that looks like you spent hours doing it when it actually

only takes 10 minutes of hands-on work!


NOTE: I do not wash my hair everyday! The 1st photo shown was actually day 3! Sometimes I like the look of day 2 or 3 even better :) For the next day simply use dry shampoo if needed and wrap hair around curl wand to help freshen the curls!

Also, if you are blessed with perfectly straight hair but really want this look for a night, we can accomplish something with a curl wand and texture spray as well!

All products listed above can be found at any of our four Design 1 Salon & Spa locations.

The hair you’ve always wanted is only 1 product away!

Until next time readers,
Ashley at Design 1 South

*If you loved this post please let us know :)

Best Conditioning Product! Morroccon Oil Hair Mask and Oil Treatment

Michigan Winters can be hard, on our spirit and our hair. If you have been feeling like your hair has the winter blues and needs a little pick-me-up we have some solutions to happier, healthier hair.

Try an In-Salon Conditioning Treatment!

These treatments will provide the most drastic and longest lasting improvements because they offer professional chemicals you can’t (shouldn’t) use at home.

You can add on conditioning treatments to any of your services for $15-$50 to really seal in extra protein and moisture.

Our favorite treatment, Olaplex, is a bond-multiplier that can be used as a treatment or can be added into your color to help eliminate breakage(SO COOL!) This is an amazing product that we just started carrying and recommend for every color client.

All in-salon conditioning treatments by Design 1 Salon Spa include a relaxing scalp massage followed by a steam towel wrap to help the hair drink in all the protein and moisture.

Can’t make it into the salon? Select a Take-Home Conditioning Treatment!

For continued repair to damaged locks, we recommend weekly at home treatments.

Moroccan Oil: We carry 3 different Moroccan Oil Masks for varying needs along with the Moroccan Oil treatment oil.

Best Conditioning Product! Morroccon Oil Hair Mask and Oil Treatment

Best Conditioning Product! Morroccon Oil Hair Mask and Oil Treatment

Rejuvenate your Hair with Prive Intensive Mask

Rejuvenate your Hair with Prive Intensive Mask

Restorative Hair Mask: For weakened and damaged hair.

Intense Hydrating Mask: For medium to thick dry hair.

Smoothing Mask: Locks in moisture to tame unruly and frizzy hair.

Moroccan Oil Treatment: For all hair types and be used as need to leave

silky, healthy, shiny, and full of life (sounds amazing right? It is.)

Prive: This Intensive Mask is enriched with jojoba and sesame. This combo deeply penetrates, delivering strength, nourishment, and overall rejuvenation.

Pureology:  Pureology offers amazing at home treatments, some of our favorites:

Hydrate Hydra Whip: Moisturize and deeply replenish parched strands without weighing hair down while adding intense shine.

Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair Masque: Helps even out and balance porosity. This Mask helps Transform damaged hair (Especially our blonde friends) by improving elasticity, softness and  shine.

Top Hair Pick! Pureology Hydration Products

Top Hair Pick! Pureology Hydration Products

Nano Works: While Nano Works is not a conditioning treatment, this shampoo and conditioner combo will drastically change your hair. This Vegan line is ultra restorative and offers extraordinary color protection. Continued use with dramatically improve the condition of your hair and give it renewed health and shine.

Top Hair Restoration Product - Redken Conditioning Products

Top Hair Restoration Product – Redken Conditioning Products

Redken: Offers many leave in treatments to help maintain healthy hair but there are 2 deep conditioning treatments that we love.

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus: a fortifying mask for highly distressed hair.

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream: Super treatment for dry/brittle hair.

Once you have your favorite salon product chosen, here are our Top 5 Conditioning Treatment Tips and Tricks!

To get the most out of your at home conditioning treatments, follow these helpful application tips.

  • Apply conditioning treatments to clean damp hair (towel dry the best you can, the less water in the hair the more it can absorb the treatment).
  • Let treatments sit on hair for at least 10 minutes (up to over night).
  • Applying heat to your conditioning treatment will help your hair absorb it better. Cover with a plastic shower cap and apply light to medium heat with your blow dryer.
  • If you are leaving a treatment on over night, you can apply to dry hair. Focus on mid shafts and ends then wrap it up with a plastic shower cap, plastic wrap. If you have long hair you can put it in a pony tail and then apply your treatment, wrap into a bun then cover with a plastic sandwich baggy to prevent getting it all over your pillow.
  • Rinsing with cool water will close the cuticle, locking in your treatment.

-Alexa, Grandville Stylist